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What is TOTA?

The Online Training Authority (TOTA) is an online environment where The Online Trainers (Toters) and learners (Totees) meet. Here, persons can attain a skill, reach a goal, gain help in a subject area, or obtain counselling to improve their lives.


Where Trainers and Learners Meet

Here at TOTA, trainers are given the opportunity to describe and advertise what they do. Learners are able to find and connect with a trainer to obtain the training, teaching or the counselling they need.


TOTA does the work of promoting, marketing and locating the trainers and learners to draw them to the site where that connection can take place.

Why use TOTA?

For Learners - Totees

  • Access to professional trainers, teachers, counsellors and tutors qualified in various fields 

  • Receive verified trainer reviews from other learners 

  • Access to training provided in a safe online environment (no in person visits)

  • Trusted and protected payment methods

  • Confidential personal assessments (premier benefit)

For Trainers - Toters

  • Marketing and promoting of your business to TOTA clients

  • Online Presence

  • Digital Payment options

  • Low monthly or annual subscription fees

  • Social media marketing

  • Trainer of the month incentives

  • Online Statistical Data


Our Core Values

  • Growth

  • Change

  • Develop

  • Produce

Our Vision

A God-inspired idea to connect trainers, coaches,
teachers, tutors and counsellors with individuals seeking opportunities to
improve their skills or enhance lifelong learning.

Here at The Online Training Authority (TOTA), we seek to create

an environment which promotes growth, change, development, and productivity which leads to measurable results and

the attainment of personal goals.

“He shall be like a tree firmly planted by the streams of water, which yield its fruit in its season”(Ps 1:3)

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